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About Angela

Angela lived in Texas until she was nine years of age. She relocated to a small town in Oregon in June of 1970. Oregon is where her daughter resides. She is the one remaining person of Angela’s family. According to the author, “She has been the one who is the center of my world.”

Angela has found a passion for cooking. It has been this passion to create new dishes or modify some comfort foods. This interest has helped her through some very rough times in her life, since Butch, her husband, passed in January 2009.

In 2019, she found a renewal of her heart, becoming open again to love and share life. She had always thought, “You’re allowed only one perfect love.” She had that with Butch. Now she has become open to more travel and enjoying life’s experiences again.

Life goes on even though our loved ones have been called home.

No Regrets.

“I know I have done my best. This is my story, written to encourage you.”

Permission to Stop

When is a good time to say enough is enough?  Is it when you are so mentally and exhausted? or it’s when you are so

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Did you ever notice?

Have you ever notice how it is to get upset or angry without giving it much thought? I can say that some of the comments

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It is with great sadness that I have to say goodbye to the sweetest woman I have ever met… Susan is a great loss to

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Wishing all the fathers out there past, present and future.. Happy Fathers day. Never forget anyone can be just a father.. but it takes the

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