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It is with great sadness that I have to say goodbye to the sweetest woman I have ever met… Susan is a great loss to

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Wishing all the fathers out there past, present and future.. Happy Fathers day. Never forget anyone can be just a father.. but it takes the

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New Friends

Do you have those days when you met someone you think WOW, I have a new friend in my life.  With all the social media

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Great Days

Today was a great day, here lately I have had few and far between those great days and not so great.  Even a better word(s)

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Small Victories

There comes a time in ones life or maybe it should be all the time.  Celebrate the small victories.  Today is one of those days

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Time.  Seems that when you are younger it never goes fast enough, then when you are older it goes to fast.   When was that moment

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