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My dad was a hard working and caring man, he cared for total strangers as well as his family. He’s the type of man who would feed strangers at rest stops up and down the I-5 freeway, and that is exactly what he did. Except, we never knew until after he stopped driving truck.

There’s this little cafe that he would stop at everyday for lunch on his route.  The cafe is no longer there but the memories and stories are.

There was a time mom and I were on our way to a nearby town to do some shopping and decided to stop at this small cafe. The waitresses found out who we were and they couldn’t stop bragging about things he’d done.  We got stories of hitch-hikers or maybe homeless folk hanging around at the same time dad was there.

As he was leaving, dad would toss the waitress some money and tell them to feed these homeless folk.

Maybe that’s were I get it from, that drive to always want to feed people.


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