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Did you ever notice?

Have you ever notice how it is to get upset or angry without giving it much thought?
I can say that some of the comments I have been seeing on my FB Page for my book.   How people can get outright mean and nasty without the consideration of what is being read?
I set up a Go Fund Me page for a dear sweet loving friend that passed away.  I did this to help out a family that is in need, when I posted the Go Fund Me link to my FB page. Then I set up an ad booster for it, now keep in mind I did not write the ad it was auto-generator by FB themselfs.   
Now my feeling is when you see the ad or something like that. One you have choices of response. Like send a sweet note saying sorry for your lost, my prayers are with you I am sorry this is all I can give.  That would have been acceptable OR, you can ignore it ad and move on.   
So why is it then people have to comment “WTF “or “Really“.   Was that response needed?  where has all the humanity gone in this world?  Can people get back to common sense anymore? 
There just seems to be so much negativity in this world.
Maybe for furture stop for a second and just think about what you are writing to a person.  You don’t know what they are going through.

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