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Well, we are coming to the end of year.  What a year it has been, Covid, Election and don’t forget all the sensless deaths from the riots.  I hope and pray that this New Year will bring more peace and happiness to everyone.  I for one cannot wait for this year to end yet, the next year is also a little frightening.  
Yes I am angry at these companies can come up with a vaccine in months. Yet they cannot come up with a decent cure or vaccine for oh lets say CANCER.   REALLY!!! or even the comon cold, autoimmue disease.   Yes I am very angry with these pharmaceutical companies. 
I am angry that some people in power do nothing to stop the riots.  Yet they can demand the people who obey the laws to stay  in their homes, close their businesses all the while they sit and don’t even follow the same illegal laws they have put in place.

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