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When my mom comes to mind, it’s always with a smile and mixed emotions. I wish I could say we had the perfect mother/daughter relationship. However, what I can say is we did have our moments, some amazing moments and some not so good moments.  I think we all go through this in one form or another.

Like every good kid (*wink wink*) I would call my mom and dad everyday to check on them to see if they needed anything or just to BS with them. Well, one day my mom answer’s the phone, I asked “what ya’ll up to?”  she replies “well I am about to shoot your dad”, then in the background I hear a gun go off. My first thought was, OMG she did it… she shot dad.  I started yelling in the phone and no one was answering. Then I was thinking… *$#(&($*# (bad words lol) dad shot mom.

While still yelling in the phone for either of them, not knowing what is going on, if I should hang up and jump in the car or call the cops.  I am just screaming into the phone. Finally, mom gets on the phone and she is laughing. Here I am still panicking what happened?!!  She says, “Oh your dad, he thought the gun was empty and shot out the bedroom window.”

Well I can tell you that from then on we used to tease mom saying when she got ready to remodel the house it would be cheaper to just give dad a box of shells and let him go.  As I am sure you can imagine that was not be the first time dad shot the house.


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