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Permission to Stop

When is a good time to say enough is enough?  Is it when you are so mentally and exhausted? or it’s when you are so broken by others you start doubting you?
When do you say STOP and take back your power over you. Who do you lean on for support?
These are valid questions. You should be asking yourself when you feel trapped, better yet when someone that you love puts a guilt trip on you.
If you need to hear this ok.. here goes.
I give you permission to stop.
Stop trying to fix other peoples problems Stop falling for that guilt trip Stop the excessive abuse Stop the toxic relationships
I give you permission to stop.
You cannot go through your life helping people that don’t want to seek help.
Now, don’t get me wrong you can still love them, care what happens too them. You cannot be responsible for someone who plays the mind games, the guilt trips etc. That is not love… that is abuse
Again I say I give you permission to stop.

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