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Responsibility, lets reflect on what this word means.  You can go by what the dictionary says or you can interupt how & what it means to YOU.  Myself I take responsiblity for my actions on what I have done in my life and owned up to them.  Yes I have hurt people weither it be on purpose or by accident.  Yet I own up to what I have done.  We can only hope and pray that others do the same an own up to their part in all the wrong doings that have gone on.  Always remember that there is always two sides or more to every story or rumor that is been told. 
For a while now I have been under attack for things I have done, and like I have said I own it, have I retaliated back?  No I have not.  This falls under the part there are two or more sides to this story.  Without going into great detail about it, the so-called wronged person takes no blame on how events have unfolded.  This is where the RESPONSIBILTIY comes into play. 

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