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Today the world faces a question of Do I take the covid shot or not to take the covid shot.  It seems to be an easy question or is it?
I for one was never opposed to getting the Covid shot. I am not alone when I say I don’t like the idea of mandated at the age of 60 take it or lose your job, or your freedom.  My work informed me that I either get the shots or face weekly testing or possible subspension. 
Same can say for Mask or Not to Mask.  The people we put in power to help us have turn against us. 
Now that is said I can say I have taken the shot(s).  The first shot I had now issues, no pain, no side effects.  The 2nd well now my arm hurts where the shot was, felt hot then cold, knees hurt.  Day after the shot well arm still hurts and that is about it.
So question not is Do I feel any safer?  I feel no more in danger or safer for having the shot.  I feel very angry that we have given the power of ourselfs over to Presidents, Governers in general politicans that don’t care about our rights on the right to control us.
The choice should always be our own.

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