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What a month

I want to thank everyone for their prayers. The fires are starting to be more contained.  Some of the people are being allowed back into their areas to assess all their damages.  It’s sad to say that our area 109 homes lost. 
I thank God that everyone was able to get out. Now it’s where to start to rebuild. Mother Nature will take care of the land and trees. The rain is starting back up and will help putting out the remander of the fires. The first responders firemen & firewomen have a special place in all our hearts. We cannot forget how this community has come together in this upheaval of life as we know it.
The many volunteers that brought food, water, helped with taking in many farm animals. It’s amazing how people will put away their differences and come to the aid of others.  I say again Thank you and my God bring untold blessings upon everyone.

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